Dev Talk Monday: Programming Is Terrible, Lessons Learned From a Life Wasted

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Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday

Thomas Frigg brings this hilarious (and insightful) 40 minute talk about the world of programming . If you are a programmer, you will probably love it :). Don’t forget to take a look at the slides while watching it, they’re great.

I thought I would share a couple of tips on how to be a succesful programmer…

…Don’t write documentation, documentation means that you are replaceable…

… if you fix a bug, make sure it fixes only that case they talked about, so someone else can reopen the bug later..

… the standard library is evil, don’t use things other people understand, the best code is the one that you have written yourself…

Have an awesome week!:)

via maciej and Jan Van Ryswyck