Dev Talk Monday: What Is Open Source and Why I Feel So Guilty

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Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday

Last week I came upon this talk from dotJS 2012 completely by chance: What is Open Source and Why I Feel So Guilty?. In it, with tons of candor, sincerity and humor, @fat(bootstrap, ratchet, hogan, etc) narrates the history of open source from the closeness of the IBM days to GitHub and beyond, tells about the struggles of an open-source contributor, about burnout, puppies and makes a plea for the future to fucking revolt and fix this shit.


You can find the talk on YouTube together with all videos from the dotJS Conference.

The slides are freaking awesome too! – in a brilliant nerdy way. You can follow @fat on twitter and at his blog, he has some very nice – yet old – articles like this one, or this one or this other one… (voice slowly fading in the distance).