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Barbaric January: Making a Space Shooter with HTML5 and JavaScript

Barbaric Monthly is my attempt at building/improving a coding project per month so that I can experiment with old and new technologies, learn ad infinitum, remain excited about the craft and nurture my passion for software development. This Barbaric Monthly is about practicing JavaScript building an HTML5/JavaScript space shooter: Serenity.

Wo! We are back with Barbaric Monthly! It has been a while indeed… I was working on quiz4couples back in September/November, <blinked> “Merry Christmas!”, <blinked> we are at the end of January 2013!

Anyhow, Barbaric January is going to be about JavaScript. I have started dusting my web development skills warming up for my new job and I thought JavaScript was as good place as any to start. Particularly, because I have always sucked at it, the kind of sucking in terms of “I know JavaScript, but I don’t really know JavaScript”, or “I am using JavaScript, freestyling, like if I was programming C#”. So, I thought a pet project would be a nice setting to warmup my fingers to JavaScript, and really get to know the language and its quirks. Thus, I hereby announce: Serenity!! A space shooter based on the universe of my beloved Firefly written in JavaScript!

As usual you can find the source code at GitHub. You can also play (not so much to play yet though) right on the blog at www.barbarianmeetscoding/Serenity.

P.S. Also found some time to watch JavaScript for C# Developers on Pluralsight by Shawn Wildermuth. Check it out, it’s a pretty good introduction to JavaScript quirky nature :).

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