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Barbaric June: Being Focused and Productive With ilPomodoro

Barbaric Monthly is my attempt at building/improving a coding project per month so that I can experiment with old and new technologies, learn ad infinitum, remain excited about the craft and nurture my passion for software development. This Barbaric Monthly is about practicing knockout.js building a web-based Pomodoro technique client: il Pomodoro.

Hello my fellow coders! Soon I’ll be going on vacation to a remote and undisclosed location for the next three weeks! Unfortunately I won’t have access to these beloved devices that we call computers, and least of all to the internetz, that’s why I thought it would be nice to write one last blog post before I step into the wilderness, perhaps, never to return - one never knows what prowls within the unknown :).

It has been a while since the last barbaric monthly since I have being mainly focusing in studying and getting my WebDev fu up to speed for my current job at medius. Although I haven’t really been working solely on any project in particular, I have tinkered on an off with il Pomodoro, a simple web based Pomodoro technique app written with knockout.js.

The project is in a very early stage providing the most basic functionality within the pomodoro technique: creating tasks, dividing them into pomodoros and a pomodoro timer. Check it out at and GitHub.

screenshot of the il pomodoro web app

As I mentioned above, it is mainly written in knockout.js but it also uses require.js for AMD and jasmine as testing framework. You can see it as a little more advanced example than those of my barbarian meets knockout.js series.

And now it is time to say good bye. Have an awesome summer everyone!! :)

Jaime González García

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