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Opening The Wikis!!

When you come into my blog and you read an article, then go on and browse the archives or read yet another article you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg (or perhaps half of the iceberg?). Wait! What!? Is there more??

Yes! There is!

I love learning new stuff and a core learning habit that I follow is notetaking. It is an extremely laborious and somewhat slow process of learning but I’ve found that the best way to get stuff into my head is writing what I learn. And it also has the awesome side-effect of acting as reference for future you.

I began doing this back in university with pen and paper and when I started writing this blog I kind of transformed that notetaking habit into its digital sibling. So for years I’ve been writing and collecting lots of notes while I learn new technologies and placing them in my personal wiki here in this blog.

These wikis have always been available for you to peruse but they were sort of hidden away in the darkest dungeons. Starting now you’ll be able to find these articles in my RSS feed, mailing list, as well as through categories (as I go adding categories for the oh-so-many wiki pages).

The wiki pages aren’t as polished as the articles within my blog but they usually 1 are very concise and comprehensive as they grow over time. I think that you’ll also find interesting to learn about what I’m focusing on at a given moment in time.

That’s all! Have a wonderful weekend ahead and let me know what you think!

Although I have to admit that there are some incomplete wiki pages here and there where I abandoned learning a technology for a shinier thing or lost patience.

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