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Boost Your Coding Fu With VSCode and Vim

Unleash the power of Vim in Visual Studio Code, boost your productivity and become an even more awesome developer.

Jaime Gonzalez Garcia a.k.a. vintharas pixelated

Visual Studio Code is superb. It offers an unparalleled user experience with great support for many languages and development ecosystems. It comes with great defaults and is super easy to use and to get started with.

Vim is awesome. Its modal nature and text editing features make it unique amongst other editors. Vim offers a complete different level of text editing proficiency, speed and accuracy from anything else out there.

The combination of both couldn't be anything less that amazingly superbsome (yep, I just did that).

In the upcoming days, and as you read these pages and practice, you will boost your Visual Studio editing skills incredibly. You'll become better by bringing in lots of useful tools from the Vim editor right inside the comfort of your favorite editor: Visual Studio Code.

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