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Thank you!!

Thank you reader for choosing this book. You’ve given me the most valuable thing you have on this earth, your time, and I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this book and that it has opened a new world of programming for you. If you have any comments, feedback or questions don’t hesitate to ask me, my DMs are open on or you are welcome to drop me an email at [email protected].

What follows is a recollection of all the people that have contributed to the very existence of this book and it being a book worth reading.

Thank you Bill joy for conceiving vi and Bram Moolenaar for creating Vim, without you there wouldn’t be a Vim to write about, nor something that has brought so much joy to my programming world throughout the past years. Thank you also to all the contributors that have made vi and Vim better throughout the years.

Grant Mathews, Jason Poon, Sean Kelly, Horace He, Peng Lyu and other contributors to VSCodeVim. Thank you all for bringing such a top notch Vim experience within the confines of Visual Studio Code.

Justin, the Neovim team and other Neovim contributors, thank you for pursuing the quest and arduous job of modernizing Vim. Your work has already pushed classic Vim forward with new modern features and keeps adding more awesome and much needed ones to bring Vim up to par with other modern editors in some areas where it has lagged behind.

Thank you to all the amazing Vim plugin authors, book and blog writers, and other members of the Vim community for your awesome work and making the Vim ecosystem such a cool and interesting place.

Thank you Radoslav Kirov for volunteering and agreeing to review this book without hesitation. That was awesome and really eased my worries about the publication approval process within Google.

Thank you Malin and Teo for being so wonderful and awesome. Thank you Malin for always supporting me in all my crazy side-projects and weird endeavours, for encouraging me to have some alone time from time to time and for being the most loving (and fun) wife there can be. Thank you Teo for being such a bundle of love, joy and cuddles. I didn’t know I could do so much in so little time before you came into this world.

My beloved parents Ricardo and Berta, and my sister Sofia. I’d like to thank my dad Ricardo for been loving, for pushing me to be excellent, and for been The Scourge of God all the times I slacked off throughout my life. I’d like to thank my mum Berta for her infinite love and care, and for her love of books that I seem to have inherited. Thank you Sofia for always taking care of me far better than I take care of you as an older brother.

Thank you Fayan for always encouraging me and believing in me and my skills even when I myself didn’t. This is the book you suspected I’d write while I was on parental leave. Thank you Ismael for your support and kind words that cheered me up when I was doubting whether I should continue writing this book or even my blog. It really meant a lot.

Jaime González García

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