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From Idea to Reality in under 50 minutes (mostly) with Angular and Firebase - Part I

Good morning traveller! Today I want to appeal to the builder in you, the tinkerer, the dreamer. The person who loves coding, building stuff from scratch, sometimes to solve a problem, sometimes just because it’s goddamn fun.

How often do you have a new idea for a cool side project?

You’re in the shower, and all of the sudden, you have this amazing idea… but somehow you never find the time to do anything about it. And it slowly withers and dies and ends up in the lonely cemetery of ideas…

Does this sound familiar to you? How many of you have ideas that are withering abandoned in the darkest corner of your brain?

A while back I read a book - Die Empty - in which pages I read something like the following (I am mostly sure it was this book… 80%… 60%?):

The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions never shared, the cures never discovered...

And this is super sad, and very true. We live in a society that pushes us towards mindless consumption and we forget to exercise one of the most giving and fulfilling skills we have as humans: creating.

And that sucks!

Fear not! And don’t be saddened either! For today I’m going to show you a friction free way to bring your ideas to life with Angular and Firebase.

From Idea To Reality wit Angular And Firebase
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A look at object internals and the secret lives of objects

The Mastering the Arcane Art of JavaScript-mancy series are my humble attempt at bringing my love for JavaScript to all other C# developers that haven’t yet discovered how awesome this language and its whole ecosystem are. These articles are excerpts of the super duper awesome JavaScript-Mancy book a compendium of all things JavaScript for C# developers.

So far in this series we’ve focused a lot in how to work with objects in JavaScript and about different paradigms of object oriented programming that are supported in this beautiful language. In this and the upcoming articles we’re going to do something different, we’re going to dive into the inner workings of objects and different metaprogramming techniques that will give you more control over how you define and operate them: the ES5 Object APIs, ESnext decorators, ES6 Proxies and the ES6 Reflection API.

Follow me as we dive into the depths of object internals in JavaScript and unveil the deepest secrets of objects!

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Building Beautiful Web Apps With Angular Material - Part II

This is the second part of a beautifully crafted narration inspired by a talk I did at Swetugg 2017 on Angular Material. Missed the first part? Go here

In the first part of this series we talked about the importance of aesthetics and how beauty improves user experience. But building beautiful apps is kind of hard so it’s nice to get some help from awesome visual languages like Material Design and libraries of components like Angular Material. Angular Material brings all the awesomeness of Material Design to your Angular apps. It provides numerous components that work seamlessly with Angular and which can both boost your productivity and let you create truly beautiful web apps.

To showcase some of the components that you have available today, we are going to build this dating app: Derek Zoolander’s Center for Models Who Can’t Find Love.

Angular material sample app

Let’s get started!

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Building Beautiful Web Apps With Angular Material - Part I

This is beautifully crafted narration was inspired by a talk I did at Swetugg 2017 on Angular Material

Why is “Beautiful” important? Why is beauty Important?

Think about someone in your life that you find attractive. And don’t just think about him or her, close you eyes and visualize that person in your mind (ok now you can’t read, this worked better in a talk, open your eyes! Good, hi!). Think about how you feel around that person and how you usually interact with him or her. Are you happier around that person? Are you always willing to help him or her? When he or she makes a mistake, aren’t you all smiles and quick to dismiss it?

Malin is beautiful <3 <3 <3

Or think about a beautiful product you love. For instance, think about your iPhone or your Google Pixel. Think about it’s luscious form, its awesome and bright high definition screen, its weight on your hand, the softness of its case, how does it make you feel? How do you interact with a beautiful iPhone as opposed to that ugly and bulky Nokia 3210 - weapon of mass destruction - that you used to have aeons ago?

Or think about your favorite app or website. Flipboard is one of my favorite apps and it’s been for a while. It provides an awesome experience for reading articles. What set it apart from other similar apps was its beautiful design and aesthetics. Is there any beautiful app that you love using? How do you feel when you’re using this app as opposed to other similar apps?

So Why is beauty important? Because beauty improves your User Experience.

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Come say Hi at Swetugg 2017 And Learn Some Angular Material


Can’t believe that January has gone by so fast. Just in a little bit more than a week I’ll be speaking at the Swetugg conference about how you can build beautiful apps with the new Angular Material. If you are going to the conference then don’t hesitate to join me! It’ll be awesome! If you live in the Stockholm area or are passing by this beautiful city then consider coming to the conference, there’s a ton of great talks and speakers in 4 tracks and 2 days.

Swetugg 2017

Oh! And if you see me around, please say hi! I’d love to hear how you’re using Angular or talk about anything that you’re doing really.

If you can’t come then don’t worry! I’ll be writing a series of articles and doing some recordings so you can enjoy and learn more about Angular Material at your own pace.

Hug! And have a wonderful day!