What am I working on right Now?

Hi! Welcome to my now page! Here you’ll be able to find out what I am doing and working on right now!

In General

Right now I’m living with my beautiful wife Malin and super cute son Teo in a small apartment in the south of Stockholm.

I usually wake up at 5 am, grab a full cup of coffee and do weird shit like programming, writing my book or articles for this blog. Sometimes I practice meditation or I go to the gym, run and lift some weights.

I usually go to work around 9-ish. I work as a technical solution consultant at Google helping our publishers be awesome and particularly with technical implementations of our products Doubleclick for Publishers, Ad Exchange and AdMob in web, mobile web and mobile platforms like iOS and Android (If you’re interested in learning more about it take a look at my linkedin profile). I also spend part of my time as a Developer Relations for Angular and Google in the Nordics developer community. I speak occasionally at conferences and meetups, write articles, run workshops and talk to developers about how they can do cool things with Angular and JavaScript. I also arrange developer community events at the Google Office in Stockholm as a way to support and encourage the thriving local dev ecosystem and put it in contact with other Googlers.

In the afternoons I like to do stuff with Malin and Teo, talk, perhaps grab a beer, watch something and sometimes I sneak some programming and reading and writing. I have a short commute and I like to walk as much as possible and listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I try to go to bed at around 11pm, it usually becomes 12 or even 1 as I read on my kindle.


  • On parental leave! :)


Side Projects


  • Blogging a ton about JavaScript. I’m preparing articles on:

    • Angular
    • React
    • Webpack
    • RxJs
    • Lean UX, Atomic Design and Angular
    • Gulp
    • Recording small programming videos


  • I try to work out at least 4 times a week. I usually run for 20 minutes and then work on a specific muscle group. I lift heavy weights with 2 warmup sets and 3 serious sets of between 4-6 reps. Today I lift 100kg bench press, 130 kg squats, 130kg deadlift. I have an injury in my shoulder that sucks.


  • I am reading a ton of books as usual XD.

I’m Learning

  • … a lot of JavaScript stuff for the book, angular, module loaders, haskell…

Cooking and Eating

  • … less carbs and less processed foods. I did 80% paleo for a while and lost a ton of weight. We do a lot of our cooking at home but I’m eating lunch out with my team since I started my last project. Group pressure!!!! :)

Listening to

In the Weekends

  • …I do stuff with Malin and Teo :)