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Take Pleasure in the Process

Now that I am full on in parental leave mode I’ve tried to find small refuges of peace amidst all the chaos and destruction that is parenting. One such oasis is drawing.

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Bat like Cat but Batter

Last week I got the uncommon yet welcomed chance to enjoy 30 minutes of parenting-free-ish time when everyone in the house fell asleep exhausted and I didn’t. Wihoo! Me! It just so happened that Suz Hinton was doing a DevTool Time with vanesacodes and TJ DeVries talking about her favorite dev tools and it just sounded like the perfect way to chill: nerding about dev tooling and drinking an alcohol free IPA.

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Vim in the Browser

A natural step in the life of any Vim user is the sudden realization that any field of text, any tool or application feels extremely sluggish all of the sudden when you can’t use Vim with it. Well, Vimium is a Chrome extension that will help you get back some of that speed and seamless productivity you experience with Vim right in your browser.

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Boost Your Coding Fu Podcast: Chapter 8 - Selecting Text in Vim

Where you learn how to select text in VSCode and Vim.

Practice Happiness

I’ve been diving a lot into the science of happiness and contentment for the past months as I prepare for our second child. These are some things I’ve found useful.

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