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4 minutes readjavascript

Argument Destructuring and Type Annotations in TypeScript

I often use destructuring in ES6 when I want to have a function with an options object. I described options objects in ”More useful function patterns - function overloading as a way to achieve function overloading in JavaScript with the added benefits of named arguments and extensibility.

Recently I was trying to use the same pattern in TypeScript adding some type annotations but it did not work! If you have had the same issue yourself read through to find out how to solve it.

A Screenshot of me testing destructuring in TypeScript
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11 minutes readjavascriptmancy

A look at ES6 Sets

The Mastering the Arcane Art of JavaScript-mancy series are my humble attempt at bringing my love for JavaScript to all other C# developers that haven’t yet discovered how awesome this language and its whole ecosystem are. These articles are excerpts of the super duper awesome JavaScript-Mancy book a compendium of all things JavaScript for C# developers.

A Set is a data structure that represents a distinct collection of items in which each item is unique and only appears once. If you have been working with JavaScript for a little while chances are that you have need to roll your own implementation of a Set. Well, you’ll need to do that no longer beause ES6 comes with a native Set implementation.

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5 minutes readangular2

A Super Quick Summary of the NgConf 2016 Keynote on Angular 2

Yesterday was the first day at ngconf 2016 with great announcements for Angular 2 and a lot of great talks all available for you to see and enjoy right now on youtube.

NgConf logo

I thought it would be nice to write a quick summary with some bullet points including the most interesting announcements from the keynote in case you don’t have 1 hour free to watch it yourself but can invest 2 minutes in reading an article.

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10 minutes readjavascript

Making a Game With Rx.js and Web Speech at Active Dublin 2016 - Part III

In the previous articles of this series we have been building a game using Rx.js and Web Speech. We have followed, more or less, the same steps I took while I was at the JavaScript Wizardry contest at Active Solution Spring conference in Dublin.

If you have missed any of the previous articles don’t hesitate to go back and take a look from the beginning!

In this final issue we will complete our game by adding some excitement through the possibility of dying. We will also make the game more visually appealing with some styles and graphics, experiment with the Web Speech Synthesis API and we’ll wrap it up with a small reflection about the whole experience.

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13 minutes readjavascript

Making a Game with Rx.js and Web Speech at Active Dublin 2016 - Part II

In the last article of the series we started building a game Rx.js and Web Speech just like I did at the JavaScript hackathon at Active Dublin 2016.

The game is a variation of the popular typing game where words fall off the screen and you need to type them before they get to you. The slight variation consists in changing the game mechanics from typing to speaking. In our game, letters will fall off the screen and the player will need to say a word starting with that letter to earn points, destroy the letter and avoid certain annihilation.

Say What Maddafakka Sketches

At the end of the last article we had completed the beginnings of a game with a beautiful black background and some letters falling off the screen. Let’s continue building our game by adding some player interaction through the Web Speech API!

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