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JavaScript-mancy Vlog: Learn About JavaScript Function Scoping, Hoisting and How to Win With Let And Const

This week I continue the JavaScript-mancy vlog with a new episode that starts the secret path of the JavaScriptmancer with an initiation to the JavaScript Arcana: The weirdest parts of JavaScript. In this issue we take a look at some foundational aspects of JavaScript like function scoping and hoisting, and how you can take advantage of ES6/ES2015 let and const keywords to get a similar behavior to C# block scoping.


Master The Arcane Art of JavaScript-mancy On Video! Waaaat!?

Last week it was swetugg and I kind of promised everyone listening to my talk that I would prepare a video version so they could enjoy all the cool content that I had prepared and which I never got the chance to show (because I am the worst, like the very worst, at keeping things short).

And so, after much sleepless nights, early mornings, experimentation, errors, more errors I got the first video ready! Yey! Hope you like it!

My plan is to release very short focused videos, so expect more videos coming soon.

Speaking (and Being) at Swetugg 2016 was a Blast!!

I have spoken a couple of times at user groups, many times at a company but I never ever had spoken at a conference before until this week at Swetugg 2016. It was awesome!! Cecilia, Anders and all the organizers did a great job! Thank you very much to them, the sponsors and all the participants that made it such a cool experience. Thank you!!

Swetugg 2016

Here is a photo of me in the middle of the fray (hehe). There was a tooon of people there but luckily the 10000000 Watt spotlight strategically directed right into my face made me feel as comfortable as sitting in my living room’s couch.

Jaime Gonzalez Garcia speaking at Swetugg 2016

And here are my carefully crafted slides.

The talk was recorded so I’ll give you a shout whenever the recording is released. I’ll also record a three-part director’s cut with a slower pace and probably slight more content and put it up in the upcoming days.

The conference was super fun (when is talking code with other nerds not fun?), there were a lot of very interesting talks and inspiring speakers. I enjoyed very much Chris talking on front-end build pipeline, Peter talking on making your applications Cloud ready and moving to azure, Tobbe talking about Lean, Roger teaching how to scale with, and Tess showing off ASP.NET Core 1. I really would’ve loved to listen to more talks (to all talks), there was UX/UI, react, angular 2, meteor.js, cordova, no estimates, IoT, more azure… but hopefully I’ll be able to watch to the recorded sessions and those not recorded at another conference.

And my lessons learned? When you feel like you are done with your talk, cut it in half, and then cut it in half again. :)

Have a great day!

Use Data Structures and Algorithms Problems as TDD Katas!

I was doing some code katas last week and it suddenly dawned up on me how awesome data structures and algorithms problems are to practice TDD. They provide such a well defined problem space and expected API that you can fully concentrate in the red-green-refactor flow until it becomes second nature. One pass and you focus on the red-green-refactor, another pass and you can improve your knowledge of jasmine, another and you focus on sinon, another and you try to improve your abstractions, another and you concentrate on writing the most readable of tests, and so on until eternity :)

I have created a new repository to harbor my algorithms and data structures TDD katas in JavaScript that you are welcome to use if you like. There’s only some simple linked lists exercises right now with a basic ES6 setup but I expect it to grow over time.

Not interested in practicing TDD? Don’t panic! You can use any of these exercises to practice other stuff, becoming more proficient and productive using your favorite IDE or text editor, learn new ReSharper shortcuts, new vim commands, functional programming, other languages, etc. Just decide what you want to practice in each session and be awesome.

And here are some other places where you can find lots of different exercises and katas: