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2015 in Books: Miscellaneous

And finally this is the last article on the books I read last year. There’s books of every size, color and topic in this one. From financial advice, to sales teachings, to biographies, mindfulness and getting things done. Take a look, you may find something you like.

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2015 in Books: Fantasy and Sci-Fi

I’m a sucker for Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Fantasy lets me travel to imaginary worlds of extreme beauty or horror and experience the adventures and intrigues of heros and anti-heros alike. It lets me admire (and learn) the creativity of fantasy authors who build worlds from nothingness and their craftiness in knitting infinitely intricate plots. Where Fantasy has no boundaries, Sci-Fi has that more grounded quality that makes you think: this actually could happen or this is how our future could look like. Both genres are awesome!

Do you like Fantasy and Science Fiction? Then perhaps you’ll find some of these books interesting…

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2015 in Books: Programming

I love reading! You get to travel to faraway places, live adventures in wondrous worlds of magic, save the day, make amazing friends and watch them grow, learn, there’s few things that ignite slow, deep, reflective thinking as books do, borrow from the greates minds of all times, or from people that have invested years of experience and research to bring you that knowledge condensed in a few pages.Yeah… all that…and it’s fun :)

These are the programming related books that I read this year. Perhaps something that’ll be of interest to you?

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Safer JavaScript Object Composition With Traits and Traits.js

The Mastering the Arcane Art of JavaScript-mancy series are my humble attempt at bringing my love for JavaScript to all other C# developers that haven’t yet discovered how awesome this language and its whole ecosystem are. These articles are excerpts of the super duper awesome JavaScript-Mancy book a compendium of all things JavaScript for C# developers.

From Mixins to Traits

In the last article of the series you learned about mixins and how you can use them to encapsulate reusable units of behavior that you can compose with your domain objects or classes.

Mixins while awesome have some limitations. In particular, conflicting mixin methods and properties are overwritten when using Object.assign. Moreover, you don’t get any warning when this happens. Updating a mixin with new functionality at some later point in time can inadvertently change the behavior of some of your objects.

Traits offer a solution to this problem by providing a safer and more structured way to do object composition.

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