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Learn Svelte: Creating a Pomodoro Timer

Svelte is a modern web framework that takes a novel approach to building web applications by moving the bulk of its work from runtime to compile-time. Being a compiler-first framework allows Svelte to do some very interesting stuff that is unavailable to other frameworks like disappearing from your application at runtime, or allowing for a component centered development with HTML, JavaScript and CSS coexisting within the same Svelte file in a very web standards friendly fashion.

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Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020 Holy Shit!

I cannot believe another year has passed! And I really can’t believe that 2020 is upon us. The 2020 of flying cars, hoverboards and deep space exploration. But indeed it has, and that means that it is time for the traditional reflective year summary, a wrap-up blog, retrospective of sorts, on what I’ve achieved the past year, my biggest fails, what I’ve learned and what I am planning to do in 2020.

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