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Polyglot Programming in Vim (or How to Get A Great Developer Experience for Any Language in Vim)

Vim comes with basic support for tons of languages out of the box like syntax highlighting and sensible rules of indentation. However, even with popular languages like JavaScript you won’t get great autocompletion, semantic navigation, diagnostics, etc… Features that you may have come to expect in this day and age. And when it comes to more modern or niche languages like Svelte, JSX or TSX, the syntax highlighting isn’t even there.

In this article you’ll learn how to setup Vim to get a better developer experience with both popular programming languages like JavaScript and modern languages like TypeScript, Svelte and JSX.

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Learn Svelte: Get Started with Svelte Writing a Pomodoro Technique App

Svelte is a modern web framework that takes a novel approach to building web applications by moving the bulk of its work from runtime to compile-time. Being a compiler-first framework allows Svelte to do some very interesting stuff that is unavailable to other frameworks like disappearing from your application at runtime, or allowing for a component centered development with HTML, JavaScript and CSS coexisting within the same Svelte file in a very web standards friendly fashion.

In this series we’ll follow along as I use Svelte for the first time to build an app. I’ll use my go-to project1 to learn new frameworks: A Pomodoro Technique app, which is a little bit more involved than a TODO list in that it has at least a couple of components (a timer and a list of tasks) that need to interact with each other.

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TypeScript Types Deep Dive - Part 3: Functions

TypeScript is a modern and safer version of JavaScript that has taken the web development world by storm. It is a superset of JavaScript that adds in some additional features, syntactic sugar and static type analysis aimed at making you more productive and able to scale your JavaScript projects.

This is the third part of a series of articles where we explore TypeScript’s comprehensive type system and learn how you can take advantage of it to build very robust and maintainable web apps. Today, we shall look at functions!

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Jaime's Guide to Tmux: The Most Awesome Tool You Didn't know you needed

tmux is one of those things in life that at first encounter sound really weird and confusing. You learn about them and you can’t quite understand what the heck they do, how they can be useful or why anybody would want to use them. BUT it is one of those things that when given a chance, when given some experimentation, courage and perseverance, it turns out that they are awesome, and you can’t quite live without them.

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My favorite books of 2019

I love reading! I read before going to bed, at the gym, on the commute, on the sofa, in that cozy corner in our home office, at the coffeehouse, on a plane, in the toilet, in the toilet on the plane (no way), on the train, all-the-time. Here are my top picks for 2019.

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