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Brief and Superficial Thoughts On Starting My Own Company After jsFiddle Goes and Dies


I was preparing a demo for the upcoming post on Barbarian Meets Knockout.js and jsFiddle just died on me, so I thought I could make the best of it and fill in the gap with an update on what I have been working on during the past weeks and what I am planning to do in the future.

The last few months have been pretty exciting. I finally made the decision to start my own company on the side of my job at medius. Yey! As soon as I realized that the time had come - which is to say, the idea nearly made my head burst open after a slow fermentation process that had been ongoing for the past three years - I quickly did all the paperwork, created a basic starting website and got on hacking on quiz4couples. My first intention was to create a new version of the app for iOS but, after receiving many a signal from the Universe, I have changed my mind and I am going to focus my efforts instead of spreading myself thin. The plan will thus be to continue attempting to prove that the app is economically viable with a couple more iterations on the Windows Phone version I have today.

I am still a full-time employee at medius so it is pretty tough to find time to work on my company. I don’t know how other people manage but I, myself, have devised what I call - The Magic Week - which pretty much means, wake up early as hell so you can put 2-3 hours before you go to work - and reserve a couple of evenings a week to write in this blog and just learn new stuff. I also give myself a rating - with magic stars, true story - on how well I stick to the schedule every week and so far it’s been working pretty good… mental note: some time in the future I need to write about this weird productivity systems I follow… :)

Anyhow, it’s been pretty awesome so far, having complete ownership of the whole product development process, the whole decision-making is kind of… freeing, kind of liberating. You are free to roam in whichever direction you desire to your heart’s content, ain’t that something. It is true that some times it is hard to focus on the task at hand. But I have found that having three daily big wins, using the pomodoro technique, and maintaining an orderly, clutter-free man-cave are invaluable to keep me productive.

Ups. There goes the go-to-sleep-dude alarm in full swing. I’ll have to leave writing about other exciting things I am planning for the future, for another day.

Good night.

Dev Talk Monday: Is TDD Dead?

Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday

In the lasts months I have been having a nagging feeling, like something… undefined there in the back of my head that has been making me wonder… am I doing TDD and unit testing right?. So, it is very interesting, that, at the same time that I have started self-evaluating more intensely in this area and restrospecting about my practices, the same commotion or unrest is taking the software development community by storm. And this became very much a thing, very palpable when @dhh expressed his concern in his blog with “TDD is dead, long live testing”, @unclebobmartin responded with “Monogamous TDD”, and the debate ensued. Which, I must admit, is pretty awesome, because now we have all this smart people discussing the topic of TDD in a very constructive and mindblowing way.

And so, this weeks’ Dev Talk Monday is about TDD and a super interesting and fun hangout with @dhh, @martinfowler and @KentBeck titled Is TDD Dead?.

It looks like there will be more of these hangouts in the upcoming future. So, if you enjoyed it as much as I did, follow @martinfowler, @KentBeck and @dhh on twitter to find out when the next one will take place.

I leave you with this nice quote from the hangout. Have a great week!

If an idea is obviously bad, find a cheap way to try it, because if it turns out it is not bad, then it is really interesting. If you have an idea that is obviously good, then somebody else has probably tried it before.

Update: You can now enjoy the second and third screencasts of Is TDD Dead. Martin Fowler has also created a hub for all the is TDD Dead series that he will keep updating in the future.

I am going to Japan!!

Japaaaaaaaan!!! The misterious land of the rising sun, the samurai, ninja, amazing architecture, sushi, manga, beautiful landscapes, here we come! :)

tons of guides

I will be in Japan for the next two weeks! Have a greater Easter vacations! ^ _ ^

Dev Talk Monday: Why so mean?

Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday

Today I bring you a super interesting ALT.NET Seattle session titled “Why so mean?” that touches topics like how to be opinionated without being mean, how to create a nurturing .NET community for newbies, how to spread the word about best-practices, and more. As Cori says, it is fascinating to look back and catch a glimpse of a moment in the history of the .NET community :).

Have a great week!

P.S. awesome sweater XD

New Presentation: Edgar Allan Poe presents The Raven...DB What!?

UPDATE 10th April 2014: I did a newer, better version of this presentation for SWENUG - Sweden’s .NET User Group - in Linköping earlier this week and it was a blast!! Don’t miss the code samples at GitHub

A month ago I was hacking away on quiz4couples for iOS (wo! secret unveiled just like that!), slinging some Objective-C up and down, right and left, trying to get these weird storyboards, segues and… outlets to work, when to my surprise and wonder I was approached by an Amazon recruiter (○o○). They wanted me to participate in a round of interviews they were going to do here in Sweden for a job in the Kindle team in Seattle.

I had never ever thought of Amazon as a prospective employer but, of course, it was an interesting opportunity so I decided to give it a try and see where things led to, even though I was not even sure I wanted the job. Well… it led to nowhere, hahaha XDDD. It was a very interesting experience though, the Amazon girls and guys were great and I got to take a look at a bunch of tech stuff I have been wanting to rehash for a while but I have never felt I have had the time to: that is, cool computer science stuff such as data structures, algorithms, networking… and other stuff like distributed systems, scalability, databases, design patterns, NoSQL, and… RavenDB.


So just after the interview I got the chance to prepare a presentation around NoSQL and RavenDB for my teammates at Medius, that I will be improving and presenting for Swenug at the end of the month. Don’t freak out with the name of the presentation though, I like to use themes in my talks, as you may have noticed, but in this particular case, I hadn’t the slighlest idea about which theme to use…so I settled for Edgar and his raven.

Some good resources, by the by: