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The Path To Jedi Text Editing. Two Weeks Into Vim and VsVim

I would say I was pretty proficient writing and editing code. I have always been a pretty fast typer since I can recall (~100 wpm), albeit with my weird own style of typing (Home row what-is-that?). I am also quite good with ReSharper, which really gives me wings when doing macro-application-aware editing or navigating inside my solution and a great sense of flow when doing TDD. I would say I was pretty proficient writing and editing code, that was once, that is

One Does Not Simply Learn Vim Meme

Two weeks ago I started using proper typing skills, two weeks ago I started using vim and the vsVim plugin for Visual Studio and maaaan it’s been tough :). The promise of ultimate productivity that we programmers so much long for, that same promise of a seamless interface between our brains and the editor where our thoughts become code, pushed me once more into the abyss… but I am alive and kicking, and here is my story… xD

The first day typing with the home row I dropped to a staggering 10wpm, hell yeah!. I have never felt in my own skin how detrimental subpar typing skills can be to programming (although I understand it is freaking obvious): Coding wasn’t even fun anymore. It has gotten better though, I type now at a steady ~60wpm, and I enjoyed a lot going through the process and reflecting about why the keys are layed out the way they are. Every day is a new wonder XD, I can recall and even see myself talking to Malin about typing… go figure.

And vim; I think I have tried learning vim twice before. I am starting to think that there is a time for every teaching, for every lesson to be learned, sometimes one is just not ready. This time it appears I was, I totally understood, I got it. The first experience opening vim was still scary though, particularly with how spoiled I am today in regards to aesthetics, but then I got it “You are supposed to customize it, Doh!“. I have started using both vim and vsVim and I like it, I do feel like a code surgeon, precise, and I feel free, navigating through the code is a breeze.

The funniest thing of all, that which tells me that vim does indeed work, is that I am trying to vim my way through everything: when typing an email on Gmail or Outlook, when writing a wiki entry on Confluence, or a description in Jira… :)

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated on how this whole foolishness ends up xD. Have a nice weekend!!

And Some Interesting vim Resources for the Initiated and Non Initiated

Inspiration Corner: Minecraft The Story Of Mojang

The inspiration corner is the space where I share talks, speeches, videos, articles, posts, whatever that helps me keep my motivation, energy and passion fresh, and what I hope will serve you as well as it does me.

I like to see myself like a beam of positiveness, an inexhaustible source of energy and unbending willpower. Sometimes, however, I get tired… veeery tired. In those moments, I find it is great to recharge with inspiring tales and stories of others. Like this one, the story of minecraft and mojang.

Don’t miss it, it’s available on the official website or the pirate bay. Believe me, you are going to love it :).

P.S. If you get the deluxe edition you’re gonna get a tooon of extra content XD

Quick! Come to dotNetConf!

dotNetConf, the free, virtual conference of all cool things .NET started just two hours ago! Come and join, there’s a bunch of smart developers hanging out on Jabbr following the event.

dotNetConf logo

Btw, you can access all sessions from the conference on YouTube. They are being added as they are recorded. Isn’t that awesome.

Barbarian Meets Knockout.js: Introduction, or How to Enrich your HTML Views with Unparagoned User Experience

The “barbarian meets” series are a collection of articles that intend to introduce and explain useful libraries, frameworks, tools and technologies in simple and straightforward terms. These new series will focus on Knockout.js, the popular JavaScript MVVM library

Have you ever done any XAML development? Have you ever wondered or considered how cool it would be to use XAML-style data bindings and MVVM on the web? How awesome to get that level of rich user experience and separation of concerns? Well, that is what Knockout.js is all about.

And now that I have painted a clear picture in your mind .NET developer, and alienated you non .NET developer for using a completely useless simile I will go with the more accurate, yet less sensational introduction:

Knockout.js is an outstanding JavaScript library that lets you create super rich user experiences in the web by providing an easy and seamless way to sync your HTML views with your underlying data. Its core strengths: declarative two-way data bindings and a full-blown templating engine.

I understand… words are just words… you want to see some code! Behold!!!

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