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Barbarian Goat-Skin Reading Digest May 2012

Hello! Here I am back with the monthly book digest that you’ve been all waiting for! (pho sure!)

This month was a little bit of a disaster in the feeding-the-brain area, I got terribly hooked to The Metro Developer Show and ended up listening to sort of 7x episodes ^_^ . Not saying that there’s nothing to learn from this awesome podcast, au contraire the show is full of great content, but mainly, it’s simply the most fun podcast I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Both Ryan and Travis are freaking hilarious, and their chemistry is… how to say it.. otherworldly.


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Barbarian Goat-Skin Reading Digest April 2012

Hello Fellas! Looks like my goal for writing 3 blog posts a week was a big #FAIL. What the heck is wrong with time… A man just needs to blink and 2 weeks have passed! what passed… floooown by! :)

Anyhow, where was I…

Yes! I meant to talk about the nice and not so nice books (just being clear here for those of you who didn’t quite get the goat-skin reference) I’ve read this very month. First and foremost, I have to praise Audible and Leo Laporte for bringing AudioBooks into my life: never more shall I die of boredom whilst vacuum cleaning or doing the laundry, never more shall I grumble when needing to throw the recycling, or wash the dishes, never more…

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