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NDC 2012 Session Videos are Out!

For those of you that don’t know yet. They have released the videos for most of the sessions from NDC 2012 on Vimeo. You can access them from the NDC Agenda (notice Play Video link below the session name) or directly from Vimeo.

NDC 2012 logo

There are a ton of videos from amazing speakers! Don’t miss them! :)


Build a Website on Azure in 5 Minutes

Last Thursday Microsoft in their Meet Windows Azure keynote made a groundbreaking announcement: Websites… yeah… w e b s i t e s


Enough with the jokes. Basically Azure lets you, in this new version, create a website in literally seconds. Check this out.

1. Log into your Azure Portal and Create a Website in Two Clicks And a Couple of Seconds

Create a Website on Azure

2. Setup Git Deployment

Setup Git Deployment

3. Deploy Twitter Bootstrap With Horrible Markup

Setup Git Deployment First Commit

4. Voilá. This took Less Than 5 Minutes

Jaime Is On Azure

5. And Then You Can Manage Your Website, Scale Up, Scale Down, Change Deployment, etc, etc

Manage a Website On Azure

Was that cool or what? :)


Barbarian Goat-Skin Reading Digest May 2012

Hello! Here I am back with the monthly book digest that you’ve been all waiting for! (pho sure!)

This month was a little bit of a disaster in the feeding-the-brain area, I got terribly hooked to The Metro Developer Show and ended up listening to sort of 7x episodes ^_^ . Not saying that there’s nothing to learn from this awesome podcast, au contraire the show is full of great content, but mainly, it’s simply the most fun podcast I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Both Ryan and Travis are freaking hilarious, and their chemistry is… how to say it.. otherworldly.


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