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Barbaric August: On Building Skynet And Failing In Making It Conquer The World For Me

Barbaric Monthly is my attempt at building/improving a coding project per month so that I can experiment with old and new technologies, learn ad infinitum, remain excited about the craft and nurture my passion for software development. This Barbaric Monthly is about developing a personal task management system with a command line interface.

And from minute 4… one, two, three…

Setting the mood for writing :).

5 days left of Barbaric August and it looks like I may be able to have something that remotely, vaguely, nearly seems to work. It is a starting point anyhow, and I feel it will spawn many interesting branches of development in future Barbaric Monthly’s to come.

Since my last update I was able to put some hours after work and build Skynet!! Or more likely something with the AI prowess of a stone. See the evidence by yourself below:

Ultimate Task Management System Screenshot demo-ing basic command line interaction

Yeah… That rule-the-world thingy did not work so well for me.

P.S: Don’t miss the outstanding episode of the Windows Developer Show @RyanLowdermilk and @tlowdermilk recorded from That Conference.

*Update 2012-08-27: Seems like all hope is not lost after all xDD…*

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