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Barbaric Tip of the Week: Improve Your Visual Studio Web Dev Fu With Web Extension Pack

Barbaric Tip of the Week is a weekly series whose main purpose is to share tiny bits of knowledge that I find specially useful and interesting.

This week’s Barbaric Tip is Mads Kristensen’s great Web Extension Pack for Visual Studio, a bundle of super helpful plugins that will improve your web development experience and bring modern web development into Visual Studio 2015.

Web Extension Pack

If you are familiar with modern web development you’ll have noticed that it is very command-line driven. If command-line is not your cup of tea, or you just feel more comfortable staying inside the comfortable walls of Visual Studio, then the Web Extension Pack is right for you, since it brings all these modern web development tools right into Visual Studio. The bundle contains:

  • Web Essentials 2015: Epic Visual Studio Plugin that has many small editor improvements, features and shortcuts to make your life as a web developer easier.
  • Web Compiler: A plugin that lets you compile LESS, SASS, JSX, ES6 and CoffeeScript within Visual Studio or MsBuild. (Although you might consider making this a part of your front-end pipeline)
  • Web Analyzer: Get static analysis for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, CoffeeScript, CSS right inside Visual Studio.
  • Image Optimizer: Optimize your images for web consumpton. No more serving 3 Mb jpegs!
  • Glyphfriend: Gives you a nice preview of the glyphicons in the most common icon fonts such as FontAwesome, Bootstrap Glyphicons, etc
  • Bootstrap Snippet Pack: Collection of Bootstrap snippets, no more need to browse for code samples xD
  • Open Command Line: This extension lets you open a command line at the root of the project from within Visual Studio. Supports PowerShell, cmd, bash, etc… and provides syntax highlighting, Intellisense and execution of .cmd and .bat files.
  • Package Installer: With the package installer plugin you can easily install packages from the most common package managers right within Visual Studio: Bower, npm, JSPM, TSD and NuGet.

Go Get it now!! :)

And if you are interested in contributing check their repository at GitHub.

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