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Barbaric Tip of the Week: Listen to Software Engineering Daily

Barbaric Tip of the Week is a weekly series whose main purpose is to share tiny bits of knowledge that I find specially useful and interesting.

A couple of weeks ago I was navigating the unending currents of the twitterverse and I stumbled upon a new (for me) podcast: Software Engineering Daily!

Software Engineering Daily Logo

It is a super high quality and interesting podcast run by Jeff Meyerson with new episodes every day (crazy) that focuses on a given topic per week. I started listening to it when they had the JavaScript week and he (and his awesome guests) touched various topics such as: the current landscape of JavaScript, TypeScript, React and Flux, Meteor.js, Node.js at Netflix, JavaScript at Spotify, Microservices, a ton of cool stuff indeed. Since Jeff has a very well prepared sets of questions you really get to understand the topic being discussed in just the right amount of detail, even when you are not versed in a particular topic.

You can follow Software Engineering Daily on itunes, twitter as well as in their website and RSS feed.

Great podcast, go learn! And have a great day!

Jaime González García

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