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Build a Website on Azure in 5 Minutes

Last Thursday Microsoft in their Meet Windows Azure keynote made a groundbreaking announcement: Websites… yeah… w e b s i t e s


Enough with the jokes. Basically Azure lets you, in this new version, create a website in literally seconds. Check this out.

1. Log into your Azure Portal and Create a Website in Two Clicks And a Couple of Seconds

Create a Website on Azure

2. Setup Git Deployment

Setup Git Deployment

3. Deploy Twitter Bootstrap With Horrible Markup

Setup Git Deployment First Commit

4. Voilá. This took Less Than 5 Minutes

Jaime Is On Azure

5. And Then You Can Manage Your Website, Scale Up, Scale Down, Change Deployment, etc, etc

Manage a Website On Azure

Was that cool or what? :)

Jaime González García

Written by Jaime González García , Dad, Husband, Front-end software engineer, UX designer, amateur pixel artist, tinkerer and master of the arcane arts. You should follow him on Twitter where he shares useful stuff! (and is funny too).Jaime González García