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Dev Talk Monday: Dealing With Garbage, a Quick Guide to Cleaning Memory Leaks and Memory Profiling

Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday… or Thursday XD

Memory profiling and cleaning memory leaks is hard, or is it?

Yes, indeed it is, but Samuel Saccone does an awesome job at explaining the basics of memory leaks, garbage collection and memory profiling in the browser in his talk Dealing With Garbage at dotJS 2015. As he does so he reveals his workflow to analyze and clean these nasty leeches of your app’s performance using Chrome Dev Tools’ Timeline and Heap Snapshots.

Only 17 minutes, super pedagogic, totally worth it.

But wait! There is more! Sam has also automated his workflow in a library that you can use to create tests that reveal memory leaks. Tests that can be a part of your CI pipeline and safeguard your app’s holy performance from now and into eternity. Cool Stuff :).

Have a great week ahead!

Jaime González García

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