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I published the First Version of JavaScript-mancy The Book!!!

A young wizard practices the fine wizardring arts with mixed success throwing fireballs at her master.
An article announcin the publishing on my first book on JavaScript

Hi developernauts! Yesterday I published the first version of the JavaScript-mancy Book!!, surely the best way for C# developers to transfer their knowledge into the world of JavaScript :). Behold!

You may be asking yourself: Why do we need yet another JavaScript book in the market? Aren’t there enough already? What makes this book special? And to that I say, good questions! You should read this book because:

  • It’s specially tailored for C# developers coming into JavaScript from the point of view of a developer that has already followed that path
  • It is an end to end course that teaches you not only JavaScript itself, but idiomatic JavaScript, patterns, tools and how to build modern JavaScript apps
  • It is written in the same clear and conversational tone I write this blog in, maximizing for clarity and fun.
  • It has wizards in it

Thus far, the book contains the existing articles of the javascript-mancy series greatly edited and improved, with better and more thorough examples. I write a couple of hours per day (oftentimes) so expect new chapters coming up very soon! I’ll continue posting the early drafts of these chapters in my blog so you are more than welcome to comment or give any feedback that you like.

Back to writing!! :)

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