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JavaScript-mancy Vlog: What is ECMAScript 6?!?

A young wizard practices the fine wizardring arts with mixed success throwing fireballs at her master.
Ever wondered about ES6? ECMAScript? This video tells you all about it

Ever heard about ECMAScript? ES6 or ES2015? Have you ever being in a conversation about it and nodded as if you knew what the heck the conversation was about but you had no freakin’ clue? Worry no more! This video tells you everything you need to know about ECMAScript, ES6 and how to get started learning and using the latest version of JavaScript.


Jaime González García

Written by Jaime González García , dad, husband, software engineer, ux designer, amateur pixel artist, tinkerer and master of the arcane arts. You can also find him on Twitter jabbering about random stuff.Jaime González García