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JavaScript-mancy in the Top 100 Best JavaScript Books of All Time

A young wizard practices the fine wizardring arts with mixed success throwing fireballs at her master.
Whereby I find out that two JavaScript-mancy books are in the top 100 of JavaScript books of all time

Last week I woke up to this very pleasant surprise…

Awesome! JavaScript-mancy as one of the top 100 best JS books of all time

Whaaat?!?, the book recommendation platform, had put two of my books: JavaScript-mancy: Getting Started and JavaScript-mancy: OOP in their Top 100 Best JavaScript books of all time. Cool right?

I really don’t know how legit Bookauthority is but, if you tell me my books are some of the best JavaScript book of all time, I can’t help but say thank you, followed by nervous laughter, followed by blush, thank you…

They are really good books.

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