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Learn How to Build Web Apps With React JS and Flux with this Great Udemy Course

If you haven’t heard about React.js during the past year you must’ve been living in a cave, dungeon or other underground and isolated dwelling because it’s taking the web development world by storm.

React is a rich web application library created by facebook that lets you build highly interactive and performant UIs. It uses new and interesting approaches to front-end development such as a Virtual DOM and an unidirectional data flow (Flux). These ideas have spawned a very active following interested in bringing functional programming concepts to building web applications and new possibilities for developing native mobile apps in JavaScript with ReactNative.

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Are you interested in learning ReactJS and bringing your front-end development skills to the next level? Then take a look at this Udemy course on How to Build Web Apps with ReactJS and Flux. I have started watching it myself and Stephen Grinder does a great job of explaining the core concepts of React.js and Flux in a very clear, straightforward and fun fashion.

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