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My Talk At Devsum 2016 And Some Interesting JavaScript Links

Hi! Last week was intense!! I came back from spending a greeeeat long week in New York, powered through jet lag and a nasty cold and did my talk at Devsum 2016 about the mysterious, arcane and obscure art of JavaScript-mancy!

Devsum 2016

It was a ton of fun as usual. The conference was awesome, the organizers did a great job, everything ran super smoothly, the speakers were very kind and great to hang out with, the attendees were engaged and great to have a random conversation with here and there, and the people at Active Solution were a blast to be around. So thank you everyone for making it happen!

I think my talk went pretty well although perhaps there was a little bit too much information and speed towards the end. You’ll be able to be the judge of that because there’s going to be a recording coming out in the near future (which I am looking forward to watching myself by the way hehe).

Anyhow, here are my slides and a bunch of useful links that serve as a superb companion for the presentation.

And the links in a similar order to the slides:

Part I. JavaScript Arcana (weird parts of JavaScript that are unexpected and very different to C#)

Part II. Fluent.js (Embracing JavaScript and Becoming fluent in it)

Part III. JavaScript Tooling (Modern Web Development Tooling has come a loooong way)

There’s a big gap between the ideal world in which we would like to develop application (ES6+, SASS, LESS, postCSS, automation of different tedious tasks, etc) and the real world with the features that are supported in browsers or other JavaScript runtimes. We need something to bridge the gap, and that’s what modern web tooling is here for:

And if you want to learn more about JavaScript in general check:

Have a really great week ahead!

P.S. There were great speakers at the conference and awesome talks about the hololense, bots, IoT, Azure and anything that you can imagine. My colleagues from Active Solution talked about VSTS, Azure Remote Apps, Harnessing the power of Azure using JavaScript and taking advantage of the IoT Hub with lego mindstorms. I’ll keep you posted as soon as the videos are up so you don’t miss them!

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