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New Beginnings

Looks like I was not able to start building anything this past month after all :). I have been suuuuuper busy trying to catch up in terms of web dev skills for my new job at Medius. I started just two days ago and I am in the midst of the hardships/enjoyment of a new codebase and having lots and lots to learn xD. I am really looking forward to the next 6 months :).

Here are some interesting resources I looked at this past month and I wholeheartedly recommend:

Also, Microsoft awarded me with the Microsoft Active Professional 2013 award… which was cool and unexpected XD.

Professionals who are most current in Microsoft technologies receive their distinction as Microsoft Active Professional.

This distinction is given to less than 5% of the population of professionals, with the aim of recognizing their active participation in the community and commitment to stay in touch with the progress of Microsoft technologies.

From MSDN, we are convinced that the success of any project depends not only technological product. It is good people who make the difference.

Microsoft Active Professional 2013 Award screenshot

Cheers and tons of hugs for my colleagues at IFS for being freaking awesome during this past year and a half! :)

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