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quiz4couples on a roll featured on the AppBizDev Podcast

We are on a roll! :)

This afternoon I was, again, surprised and beyond happy when I saw that Alan Mendelevich and Ben Riga had featured quiz4couples on the AppBizDev Podcast (a great show on the business of building and selling apps that I have mentioned before in this blog).

The feedback was great with a lot of interesting ideas for improvements and app monetization strategies. Food for thought and energy for continuing developing the app :) Awesome!

So, miss it not, I encourage thee to go and listen to AppBizDev Podcast Episode 8: Atta + Tweetro + MetroTube + Drama! In the meantime, I will stop procrastinating and build a trial version for quiz4couples.

P.S. Alan and Ben thank you very much both for the feedback and the 250k impressions in AdDuplex.

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