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Windows Phone 8 SDK Finally Released To All Developers

Microsoft finally released the Windows Phone 8 SDK today at the build developers’ conference!

You can get the Windows Phone 8 SDK at the new Windows Phone Developers’ Center. If you are not a Windows Phone dev yet, you have 8 days to take advantage of the 8$ license offer. At the same time, Nokia has started its Windows Phone Premium Developer Program in which they offer the developers’ license, Telerik Windows Phone RAD controls and a whole year and up to 1 million calls of cloud APIs. What are you waiting for? :)

By the way… the build keynote was great! Check the video below about Developers you love, and why they love developing to get a flavor of what is going on right now at Redmond and remember that you can follow the build conference live on channel 9.


Jaime González García

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