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How food and nutrients control our moods

What follows is a summary of an episode from the Huberman Lab podcasts that describes how foods and nutrients control our moods for my own reference and experimentation.

  • Better living through chemistry still requires better living. You cannot expect to take a compound and have it completely shift your experience of life without having to engage with a helthy behavior: proper sleep, exercise, social connection, good food, etc.
  • A good balance of omega-3 vs omega-6 fatty acids leads to a better mood. Studies indicate that the consumption of 1000mg omega-3 supplement per day is enough to achieve this effect. Omega-3 supplements in the form of fish oil or fish oil capsules are readily available.
  • There are certain foods that promote Dopamine production (proteins, fats) whereas other foods promote Serotonin (hydrocarbons). Eating more foods that promote Dopamine make us more energetic, alert and motivated whereas eating foods that promote Serotonin make us tired and content. Therefore eat protein and fat rich meals throughout the day to estimulate your mood and have carbs in the evening to promote rest.
  • L-carnitine found in meat (specially in beef), poultry, fish and milk improves mood, increases sperm and ovary quality, reduces symptoms of depression, autism and migraine.
  • A healthy gut microbiome improves your mood. Improve the health of your gut microbiome with a moderate amount of supplemental probiotics and/or with fermented foods like pickles or kimchi. Processed foods reduce the health of your gut microbiome.
  • To be continued…


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