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  • Everyday hero. A life productivity app that embodies you as a hero. Complete quests of your own making, see how you progress towards your goals (in a live map that looks like world terrain). Break down between daily habits (oil your sword, stretch, etc) and steps towards a single goal. Choose only one quest a time, although there could be minor side quests. Help person make progress toward a goal. Rewards in equipment that is tied to your own personal quest and gives you a sense of achievement. Skills in your character sheet are based on where you spend your time and the quests that you fulfill.

Dev tooling

  • Vim and/or Neovim plugin marketplace. Something like vscode marketplace but for Vim. The main problem that it would solve would be plugin discoverability and installation. Since the plugin manager ecosystem in Vim is very fragmented, it would need to work on a best efforts basis. Perhaps have a great support for the most common plugin managers and so/so in others.
  • Writing coach as Vim plugin. Like LTeX but for Vim.

Learning and teaching

  • Wizards use vim learning platform
  • JavaScript-mancy learning platform


  • Barbarian character. Get a generated barbaric avatar, XP as you read the blog and have random encounters.


  • New edition of JavaScripmancy books.
    • Not focused just on C# developers
    • Getting Started
      • Add modules
      • Add more data structures (can’t quite remember if they were there. Perhaps they are)
    • Book 0
      • From complete noobs, it could be handled like a prequel
    • TypeScript-mancy
      • OOP book includes TypeScript. It could be interesting to have a separate book completely focused on TypeScript
    • FP book
    • Async book
  • Boost coding fu
    • Extend or add bonus with latest improvements in VsCodeVim
  • Wizards use Vim
    • Wizards use Vim
      • Complete book yo!
    • Wizards change (neo)Vim
      • Writing lua plugins for Neovim?

Jaime González García

Written by Jaime González García , dad, husband, software engineer, ux designer, amateur pixel artist, tinkerer and master of the arcane arts. You can also find him on Twitter jabbering about random stuff.Jaime González García