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What is Lua?

Installing Lua

brew install lua luarocks

Once installed you can run the lua repl by writing lua in your terminal:

▶ lua
Lua 5.4.3  Copyright (C) 1994-2021, PUC-Rio

Or interpret a lua script running the lua interpreter:

lua myprogram.lua


You can create variables in Lua by assignment a value to a variable like so:

isGood = true

number = 42
number2 = 12.23

str = 'a string'
str2 = "another string"
str3 = [[ a multiline string
  that expands
  multiple lines. ]]

Variables are global by default, you can create a local variable using the local keyword`:

number = 42        -- global variable
local number = 42  -- local variable (block scope)


-- This is a comment in lua
   This is a multiline comment in lua

Control Flow

if age > 21 then
  print('Allowed to drink beer! Yippie!')
elseif age > 20 then
  print('Almost there')
  print('Not allowed to drink beer')
while countdown > 0 do
  countdown = countdown - 1

Logic operators

== -- equal
~= -- unequal

Input and Output

print("hello world");
io.write("hello world")  -- Defaults to stdout


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