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This article is part of my personal wiki where I write personal notes while I am learning new technologies. You are welcome to use it for your own learning!

Basic Shortcuts

Move tool

  • CONTROL lets you move the layer you click on (instead of the selected layer)
    • also lets you select an area with multiple layers
  • ALT and on a layer to duplicate it

Marquee tool

  • hold SHIFT to keep equal proportions when creating a selection area

Other Shortcuts

  • CTRL+T to activate the transformation controls
  • CTRL+R to activate the ruler (note that you can drag lines from the ruler into the screen)

Jaime González García

Written by Jaime González García , Dad, Husband, Front-end software engineer, UX designer, amateur pixel artist, tinkerer and master of the arcane arts. You should follow him on Twitter where he shares useful stuff! (and is funny too).Jaime González García