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The Problem

I go to the gym 4 times a week on average. I usually do one or two muscle groups per session in various degrees of intensity depending on how energetic I feel, and sometimes, when I’m specially motivated, I bring a moleskin notepad to write down the exercises I do, how many series, how many repetitions and the weights I use. I might keep up with the moleskin dynamic for a couple of weeks but eventually I give up, why? For one, it’s freaking incovenient, it interrupts the flow of my exercises, my trembling arms are not the best choice for writing with a pen, I miss pages, the ink becomes a mess with the sweat, etc, etc XD Not only that, It’s a pretty suboptimal way to analyze the information within the notepad and assess any kind of improvement, or figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The Vision

So, I have been thinking for a while that it would be great to write an app that could improve my experience at the gym by:

  1. Making it super easy and seamless to record the exercises I do when I train
  2. and, providing a great way to visualize that information so I can take real advantage from it, but not in a passive way, I shouldn’t need to go, look and analyze the information myself, the app itself should take the initiative and tell me “Hey dude! You’re doing great with this!”, “Hey dude! You’re not training legs enough”, and so on and so forth :)

Some of the Features the app will have are:

  • Record workouts
  • Save workout templates that can be reused
  • Share and recommend workouts (Social? XD)
  • Schedule workouts
  • Track progress (in repetitions, weight, running-distance, etc…) and other metrics
  • Create workout programs, set goals, track progress towards those goals

The Screenshots

GymBuddy Splash Screen GymBuddy Panorama

Development Journal

You can find the development journal via the gymbuddy blog category archive.

Jaime González García

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