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War Of The Orbs

"And so, the Lord of the Netherworld will rise from the depths of the Sunken City. His hosts will rise with him, the obscure, hungry sons of R'lyeh will rise and will consume the world. For that which lies and sleeps, will not lie for ever..."

Unknown, The Book Of Seals - Prophecies of Taris

I just had to write something like that XDDD

HorrorMill productions (Daniel Kvarnheden and I) proudly presents War Of The Orbs (or worbs), a 2D Action RPG inspired by Realm Of The Mad God that will be coming soon to your Windows Phone 7 screens.


  • Collect and combine orbs to gain different special skills
  • Defeat the Lord of the Netherworld and his evils minions in adventure mode
  • Random generated levels for increased replayabily
  • Action gameplay balanced with RPG elements… leveling, items, and a fairly complex game system
  • Prove your strength against your friends in duel mode
  • We solemnly vow to include as many clichés as we possibly can xD


War Of The Orbs Gameplay War Of The Orbs Character Screen

Note: These sprites are not final :) It’s just nice to have something to look at when testing the game mechanics.

Development Journal:

You can find the development journal via the worbs blog category archive.

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