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Updating Your Angular 2 App To Use The New Forms API: A Practical Guide

Hi! I have slowly continued to update my Getting Started with Angular 2 Step by Step series from the beta to the latest version of Angular which is now RC4. This time it was the turn of the Forms and Validation article where I used what is known as template driven forms.

Again, just like with the router, there are some changes that you’ll need perform to update your Angular 2 app forms to the latest version, albeit at a much smaller scale. I thought it would be a nice to have these updates in the form of a brief and very practical guide and here we are. Enjoy!

Angular 2 Getting Started
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Updating Your Angular 2 App to Use the New Router: A Practical Guide

UPDATE 14th Sep 2016: Hi there! I have added an additional step to update your router from RC4 to RC5, RC6, RC7 and Angular 2 Final.

This week I’ve been updating my Getting Started with Angular 2 Step by Step series from the beta in which they were written to the latest version of Angular which is now RC4.

I had heard about the router debacle but I wasn’t aware of the massive changes required to move from the router in the beta until I updated the articles. I thought it would be helpful to write a quick, super practical guide while it’s fresh in my head. So if you’ve been postponing the router update until now, I hope this guide will help you.

Angular 2 Getting Started
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Dev Talk Monday: Mastering The Arcane Art of JavaScriptmancy at Devsum 2016

Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday

This, my friend, is a very special edition of Dev Talk Monday. Why you may ask? The reason is simple… it is about my very own dev talk!!! Whaaaat!?

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Functional Programming in JavaScript

The Mastering the Arcane Art of JavaScript-mancy series are my humble attempt at bringing my love for JavaScript to all other C# developers that haven’t yet discovered how awesome this language and its whole ecosystem are. These articles are excerpts of the super duper awesome JavaScript-Mancy book a compendium of all things JavaScript for C# developers.

Functions are one of the most foundational and common constructs in JavaScript. We use them for all kinds of things: to abstract, encapsulate and reuse functionality, as object factories and constructors, to simulate data privacy, to create namespaces and modules, we can compose them with other functions… They are everywhere.

The fact that functions are so prevalent in JavaScript, that they are first-class citizens and that it is very natural to use higher-order functions, makes JavaScript a great language to do functional style programming.

But what does all this nonsense of first class citizenship and higher-order functions means? Why should you care about functional programming in the first place? And moreover… What the heck is functional programming?

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Barbaric Tip of The Week: How to Recover A Lost Commit With Git

Barbaric Tip of the Week is a weekly series whose main purpose is to share tiny bits of knowledge that I find specially useful and interesting.

Last week I experienced one of the weirdest moments I have ever had with git and something that should never ever happen within the secure confines of a version control system: I lost a commit. My source code, everything that I had been working on for 3 hours wiped out from existence.

Has this ever happened to you? Would you like to know how you can recover a lost commit?

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