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Barbaric Basics: Web Workers

With Barbaric Basics I brush up on basic techniques, practices and APIs. Come along and get them refreshed you too. Who knows? You may even learn something new!

So in something like a couple of weeks I am going to be taking my first ever Microsoft certification exam! I am going to start with the 70-480: Programming HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 and get my way through all the web development stack. A certification? - you may ask yourself - Do you even need that? Is it worth anything?

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And This Was Swetugg on Day 2

Did you miss day 1? Then take a look at this article

And it was a wrap-up for Swetugg the Swedish conference for .NET developers by .NET developers.


tl;dr; Great second and last day at the conference with more interesting talks on BDD, specification by examples, Conway’s Law, Polyglot programming and persistence, event sourcing, graph databases, document databases, Entrepreneurship, Lambdas, UX magic, EPiServer and Game Development backed on Azure.

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And This Was Swetugg on Day 1

Today I was at Swetugg a Swedish .NET conference organized by the very awesome members of the Sweden .NET User Group also known as SWENUG. I thought it would be nice idea to write down my impressions of the different talks, the event itself and point you to some resources if you yourself find any of it interesting.


tl;dr Great small conference with interesting talks on Gamification, SOLID, TDD, Design,, ApprovalTests, F# and Web Security.

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Barbarian Meets Aurelia: First Contact And Building Athena, My Very Own Jarvis

The “barbarian meets” series are a collection of articles that intend to introduce and explain useful libraries, frameworks, tools and technologies in simple and straightforward terms. These new series will focus on the brand new framework from Rob Eisenberg the maker of Durandal and Caliburn frameworks which brings all the goodness of ES6, ES7 and web standards to your toolbelt: Aurelia

This week Rob Eisenberg surprised us all (or me at least xD) when he announced his new web framework Aurelia, a framework that allows you to start using the latest and greatest in JavaScript and web standards to build your apps today.

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Dev Talk Monday: On CSS Performance

Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday

A couple of months ago I saw yet another amazing talk by Addy Osmani on the CSSConf EU conference where he uses Yeoman and other tools to make some magic and improve the performance of websites.

Check it out and follow Addy as he improves the performance of the CSSConf website step by step. You are in for a treat and you are going to learn a ton: