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Thoughts on Interviewing at Big Tech Companies

I was reading a couple of weeks ago (I think) and there was an article that made me reflect about my interviewing experience at big tech companies (as an interviewee). So I thought… Why not share it and help other people that may be in the process of interviewing? Or who are considering applying themselves but perhaps don’t dare to? Or with someone who is merely curious and may think of it as a long term career goal?

So here it goes! In this article you’ll find out how to tackle the technical interviews at big tech companies. You’ll learn from my experience and my mistakes and we’ll distill everything into a methodology of sorts: A way to prepare your mind, and body, and mind (:D) before and during the interviews.

A bunch of books to prepare the programming interview and a notebook with a pep message in it. You got this!

Get those interview books ready, pen and paper, and let's kick some ass!

So one day many, many seasons ago I got this call from Amazon…

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Exploring Vim: The 10 or So Things You Need To Know To Go Through The Dip

The struggle is real. The dip is real. Everytime we adopt a new tool, a new framework, learn a new skill, there’s gonna be that period of time in which our productivity is going to drop and we’re going to suck. No one can be consistently awesome at something for the first time. The question is: Do you have the patience and grit to push through the other side, beyond the dip, where skill, productivity and mastery await?

Getting Through The Vim Dip

Getting Through the Dip Can Be Preeeettyyyy tough...

You probably recognize this pattern. You find out about a new thing 1. You are full of excitement and enthusiasm and you hungrily start trying it out and learning about it. After a while, the excitement fades, the enthusiasm disappears and, all of the sudden, you find yourself procrastrinating and finding excuses not to do it any more. That’s the dip right there.

So will you quit or will you push through? You are the only one who can make this decision. Is it worthy to you? Envision yourself empowered by that new tool, that new skill. Now, is it worthy?

If it is not, then better to quit right away, before you have wasted more time. If it is worthy, then roll up your sleeves and let’s kick some ass.

Getting Through The Vim Dip

Exceptional benefits accrue to the tiny minority of people who are able to push just a tiny bit longer than most. Seth Godin, The Dip.

In this article I’ve gathered a set of vim skills to ease your journey through the dip. Learn these skills first, practice, get to a moderate level of competence and you’ll be over the dip and on your way to awesome text editing fu.

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