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JavaScript-mancy in the Top 100 Best JavaScript Books of All Time

Last week I woke up to this very pleasant surprise…

Awesome! JavaScript-mancy as one of the top 100 best JS books of all time


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Vim Plugins: A Methodology to Become 1% Better Every Week

Raise your hand if you have installed a bunch of plugins in your editor, only remember about half of them and barely use a small portion of that good half. If you have that problem, then I might just have what you need to take more advantage of your plugins and become even more awesome.

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I did an Interview For the Frontmatter Podcast! Waaaaat!

Some weeks back I did an interview for the Frontmatter Podcast and the interview is out! I really enjoyed talking to Len Epp about my origin story, how I grew up in rural northern Spain among cows and sheep, my first computer, being a pro player in Age of Empires, my thoughts and life in university, the origins of vintharas and barbarianmeetscoding, my love for fantasy and scifi, joining Google, how I came up with JavaScript-mancy, my writing process, being a dad, etc…

If you haven’t listened to it, you can listen on the web or on your favorite podcast player. I think you’ll find it a fun listen. I do laugh for a great part of the interview.

And if you enjoyed the interview, then here are some more thoughts, comments, links to interesting stuff and embarrassing photos:

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