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The Best Way to Advance Your Career

One of my readers asked me this question recently: What are the best ways to advance my career?

And I thought to myself… hmm… good question… This bears some reflection… The more I thought about the more I realized that this was a perfect thing to write about in more length and here we are!

I’m not going to tell you to build a portfolio, start contributing to open source, write a blog, be active on social media, speak at user groups and conferences. Nope. We’re going to dig deeper.

person standing in the top of a mountain
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Boost Your Coding Fu With Visual Studio Code and Vim

Visual Studio Code is superb. It offers an unparalleled user experience with great support for many languages and development ecosystems. It comes with great defaults and is super easy to use and to get started with.

Vim is awesome. It’s modal nature and text editing features make it unique amongst other editors. Vim offers a complete different level of text editing proficiency, speed and accuracy from anything else out there.

The combination of both couldn’t be anything less that amazingly superbsome (yep, I just did that).

In the next few minutes you’ll boost your Visual Studio editing skills by bringing in lots of incredibly useful tools from the Vim editor right inside the comfort of your favorite editor: Visual Studio Code.

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The Wizard Logs - Part II - The Adventures, Glory and Misfortunes of Writing Wizards Use Vim

Hello! I’m back two weeks and two days after the last update on Wizards Use Vim. I’ve written, reviewed, sketched and drawn a lot throughout the past weeks, improving the front-cover, nearly doubling the number of pages in the book from ~120 to ~220 and publishing about 40 new versions (between 2-4 per day). Wiiihooo!

What are the most significant updates in the book?

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