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Opening The Wikis!!

When you come into my blog and you read an article, then go on and browse the archives or read yet another article you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg (or perhaps half of the iceberg?). Wait! What!? Is there more??

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How To Be More Productive And Have a Happier Life In 5 Easy Steps

One great side-effect about being on parental leave is that you have time to think: Why was I such an asshole to my wife this morning? What do I want out of life? Am I ever going to learn to play the violin? Do I get anything positive out of Twitter or Facebook? Who would win at a sword fight, a samurai or a musketeer?

One thing that I’ve been pondering for quite a bit is whether I have a healthy relationship with my phone. I think that by the amount of people of all sizes and conditions that I see with their face inside their phone every day, phone addiction is a common problem that afflicts all of us humans living in this generation. And as much as I like to tell myself that I have my phone use under control while all these other people don’t, the reality is that am I as hooked as everybody else. So more and more often, I have been questioning my relationship with my phone as it resembles a lot a previous addiction I defeated in the past: smoking.

Image of a smartphone with a lock screen wallpaper displaying the message 'Are you sure?'
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How to Write a Game in Under 13 Kb While Taking Care of a Baby

Wow! It’s been a while! The past year has been wonderful and tough in equal measure. Having and taking care of a baby as an equal partner is exhilarating, heart-warming and… extremely exhausting, and that’s why you haven’t heard much of me for the past year. Let this article and the js13kgames competition be my comeback.

In the paragraphs below you’ll learn how it feels to develop a game in under 13Kb, how I approached the challenge, from planning, to developing the game mechanics, particle systems, generative algorithms, music, galaxies, fleets of mysterious aliens and how I arrived to something resembling a game: Earth That Was. (enter video)

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How To Write a Book And Not Die Trying: The Story Of How I Wrote JavaScript-Mancy And Everything I Learned From Writing Two Books And A Half - Part II - Book Execution

Hello! I’m back!

In the last article of this series we talked about the first steps you need to take when starting to write a book: The Why, the What and the whether to use a publisher or self-publish. Today we’re going to dive deep into the actual process of writing, that grueling and marathonian challenge that will suck the life out of you if you choose to venture into its muddy waters.

If you consider yourself brave and interested in writing then go on and venture forth! If you’re not, you may still find a lot of useful tips into the art of keeping your focus, motivation and getting stuff done. All steam ahead!

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