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The Barbarian Chronicles. Chapter I

The Barbarian Chronicles narrate the life and adventures of this mighty barbarian hero.

Want to know what the heck I have been up to for the last couple of months? Where have I been hiding? :)

You may have noticed that the last couple of months I have been completely off the face of the internets, not a lot of blogging, not a lot of tweeting, not a lot of any sort of presence whatsoever. Well… there was a very good reason for that, for I was immersed in the thousand and one details of moving to a new city.

Malin and I had been pondering for a while about moving from Linköping, the city where we met and fell in love, and where we have lived super happy for the past 4 years. Pondering about moving to somewhere more vibrant, with more life, opportunities, more diversity. It started slowly, like a teeny tiny thought in the back of our minds, a feeling of something not been quite right, of not matching puzzle pieces; and it grew, and grew, and we continued discussing about it, planning a move in the future when it would suit us, some time in the upcoming year perhaps. The summer went by, and so did most of the Fall, and life itself which rarely comforms to one’s plans, did conform this time, and yet it didn’t at the same time. Because life brought all pieces together and all the stars aligned long before we had ever thought possible… but why not… :)

And so Malin and I have moved to Stockholm!! We saw the opportunity and we seized it - fast and furious XD. We have been living in a small appartment in the south part of Stockholm for just 3 weeks and we are loving it so far.

Malin in an ocean of moving boxes

Malin has fully moved to Stockholm but me, myself, I am still travelling three days a week to Medius HQ in Linköping. And here there’s also going to be some exciting things happening in the not to distant future. Indeed, I am going to continue working at Medius as a wizard of the arcane arts of coding up until the end of the year but from January 2015 I will start working at Active Solution!! Booya! I am beyond excited and very much looking forward to it.

For the people at Medius I have nothing but the fondest of memories and sentiments. It’s been great working with you all, thank you for being awesome, thank you for being kind and extremely patient, helpful and supportive in my slow path to learn Swedish, and thank you for teaching me so much stuff.

About Active Solution I cannot say many things yet. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview process and meeting @photox3m, @PeterOrneholm, @henebb and @tronelius. It just felt good.

Another interesting fact here that may have passed unnoticed is that I am going to stop doing R&D and product development (at least in my full-time day job) and I am going into the world of consulting. I haven’t done a lot of consulting in my years but I expect it will be something like…

Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe, from Pulp Fiction

(or? XD)

In relation to my company - yeah I had one of those - and entrepeneurial ambitions, I am faaaar behind where I wanted to be by this time of the year. I have barely done any work at all the past 3 months. Instead, I have spent my time:

Damn you Steam!!!! Damn you!

Anyhow, things seem to be back on track now that we have moved to Stockholm. I am back within my routines, working on side projects, writing, drawing… Expect cool things coming your way! :)

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