Table Of Contents

0. Dedication

Where I dedicate this book to the people that made it possible...

1. About The Author

A brief description of yours truly... Vintharas, the Half-elven ranger, deadly archer, master of the two-handed sword and dual scimitar wielder, protector of Veleiron, Falcon of the Crepuscle, silent death of the swamps of Zulk....

2. Foreword

On my background with Vim and Why I wrote this book.

3. Introduction

What is Vim? Why is it so awesome? Why use Vim and VSCode together? Is that even a thing?

4. Installing Vim Inside Visual Studio Code

A step by step guide on how to install Vim in VSCode using the VSCodeVim extension

5. Your First Baby Steps in Vim

An extremely gentle and fluffy introduction to Vim...

6. Moving Blazingly Fast With The Core Vim Motions

Where you learn the power of motions and how you can move blazingly fast and with extreme prevision using VSCodeVim

7. Editing Like Magic With Vim Operators

Where you learn how to combine the power of motions with the super power of operators and text-objects to edit text at the speed of thought, like if it were magic

8. Vim's Secret Language

A short yet illuminating digression to reflect about Vim's essence and nature

9. Inserting Text a la Vim

Where you learn how Vim and VSCodeVim can enhance your inserting of code...

10. Selecting Text in Visual Mode

On ditching the mouse and using Visual mode and motions to select text using a super effective keyboard only workflow...

11. Switfly Operating On Search Matches

Where I share a trick to help you make operations on search matches at a speed never seen before...

12. Pushing the Boundaries of Copying and Pasting

Where you learn how Vim and VSCodeVim overcharge how you copy and paste things nside an editor. We also talk about the dozens of registers avaialable in Vim and what you can do with them.

13. Control VSCode With Command-line Mode

Where you learn about command-line mode, ex commands and how you can use them to control your editor, perform changes on multiple lines at once using ranges and substitute text for better text.

14. Splits, Tabs and Switching Between Them

In this one you learn how to improve your development workflow by using splits and tabs. Using VSCodeVim you can quickly break your workspace into split windows and tabs, and navigate swiftly between them.

15. Surrounding Things With Vim Surround

Where you learn about a new and amazing operator that lets you surround bits of text with arbitrary characters and even HTML tags.

16. Elevating Your Workflow With Custom Mappings

Where you learn about one of the most defining features of Vim, its amazing customizability, and how to create custom key mappings to enhance your development experience.

17. Moving Even Faster with Vim Surround and EasyMotion

On two great plugins that let you move super fast through the whole breadth of a file...

18. Multiple Cursors

On how VSCodeVim improves the multiple cursor experience by letting you use the power of normal mode commands on multiple places at once.

19. Reusable Editing With Macros

Where you learn how to record a text-editing session and then replay it to your heart's content using Macros.

20. Enhanced File Explorer, Panes and Palettes

On some minor ways in which VSCodeVim improves the file explorer, panes and the comand palette.

21. Integrating VSCode With Neovim

Where you discover how to integrate VSCodeVim and Neovim to enable the full power of Vim's ex commands within VSCode. Specially, the normal and global commands which are crazy bananas...

22. Some Handy VSCode only key mappings

A final nugget with some VSCode only Vim mappings

23. Afterword: Where Should I Go From Here?

Where we wrap up the beginning of this beautiful journey, you get some wise advice on how to continue becoming more awesome and I send you on your way with a warm hug.

24. Thank you!!

Even more intensive and extensive thanks to all the people that made this book possible

25. References

All the knowledge resources I used in the making of this book

26. Bonus 1: The Entire and Arguments Text Objects

A bonus chapter about the entire and arguments Text Objects and how they enhance your operator experience in VSCodeVim