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I dream in go links

At Google we have a humongous amount of tools to ease our workday, from things that are available to the public like Google Workspace or Google Meet, to internal tools like gThanks or go links. Go links in particular is something that after joining Google I can’t quite live without. They solve one simple problem, the ability to remember urls to useful tools or documents. Since almost everything at Google is web based, having a low friction between your intent to access a tool and getting to the tool itself is really useful. The actual go links are a special kind of custom links in the shape of go/link that you can create to your heart’s content and share with your org.

So when using go links, instead of having to remember or bookmark a complete url to something that you find useful, you create your own custom go link using whichever words make sense to you:

If you still don’t quite get the awesomeness of go links, here’s a nice video explainer:

Although one could roll their own version of go links, I’ve found three products that seem to bring the awesomeness of go links to the masses:

Since I already have go links at Google, I’ve settled for using for my private enjoyment. It works great. You download an extension, log in and anytime you find anything interesting that you’d like to have a go link for. You can type go/something on the browser url field to create a new go link. Seamlesssssss.

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