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5 Minutes Vim: Enabling Vim in Zsh

Once you start getting comfy using Vim you’ll inevitably arrive to that honeymoon phase where you yearn to have Vim available everywhere: all your editors, your browser, your email, your terminal, Vim everywhere! Vim all the things!

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Learn Vim. A New Extension to Help You Learn Vim in VSCode

As I was writing JavaScriptmancy, Boost Your Coding Fu with VSCode and Vim and Wizards Use Vim I’ve always envisioned a more interactive way to teach through practice, play and games. Life happens and I sort of got as far as writing but never much further. I left those cool ideas of interactive learning, roguelikes, RPG-esque JavaScript, Vim platformers archived somewhere at the bottom of bottomless TODO lists, half-remembered thoughts and someday/maybes…

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5 Minutes Vim: Copying, Cutting, Pasting, Registers and How to Tame Them

In this 5 minutes of Vim goodness we’ll learn how to effectively copy, cut and paste things in Vim by taking advantage of Vim’s registers and a cool plugin. Here we go!

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