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The Art of Unit Testing 2nd Edition - A Barbaric Book Review

With Barbaric Book Reviews I bring you interesting reviews and useful insights from awesome books that I have read. I also bring myself the magic of everlasting memory so that I don’t forget these tidbits of knowledge as I grow old and wither.

The Art Of Unit Testing book cover

A lot of what I know today about unit testing I learned from The Art of Unit Testing the first edition. That single book gave me such a strong foundation in unit testing that I have been able to apply the same basic principles in every environment/platform/language I have worked in afterwards. Even after reading many other books on unit testing, TDD, BDD… I always feel like these are just different sides or dimensions that stem, complete or expand things I learned in this book.

When I heard that @royosherove had written a reviewed version that addressed one of the issues that has been my biggest pain in the butt I could not resist: I had to read it.

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Dev Talk Monday: Nordic.js 2014 Amazing Visual JavaScript Experiments and FRP

Dev Talk Monday is the series that brings you awesome dev talks every Monday

Today I bring you a couple of JavaScript talks from the Nordic.js conference that was held in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago.

First, the completely unexpected (to me) yet super awesome and inspiring talk on Visual JavaScript Experiments by @hakimel. Makes you want to be as great as he is in building beautiful things with HTML, JS and CSS.

Secondly, a very gentle introduction to FRP (Functional Reactive Programming) by @sergimansilla in which he explains the limitations of asynchronous JavaScript with callbacks, then jumps briefly into promises to finally arrive to FRP and illustrate its usefulness through various interesting and eye-opening examples.

Hope you have a great week ahead of you!

Level Up your Code-Fu with Chuck Norris

Last Thursday I did my second talk at SWENUG (Sweden .NET User Group) Linköping, this time on developer productivity in a session titled Level-Up your Code-Fu with Chuck Norris (and ReSharper, VsVim and NCrunch). It was a blast!!

Here are the slides for your enjoyment.

And a description:

Our minds possess an unlimited potential and are, without a doubt, the best tool we have in our software development arsenal. However, the interface between our minds and the computer - hands, keyboard, editors… - is imperfect and inefficient, and prevents us from expressing our thoughts in code freely.

But worry not! Chuck Norris is here to kick some ass and help you improve how well and how fast you express yourself in code. Master tools like ReSharper, VsVim and NCrunch and breach the gap between mind and matter.

And some mental notes as advice for the future:

  • Do NOT freestyle the live code demo
  • Throwing chocolates at the audience. Good!
  • Involving the audience. Good!
  • Giving a Chuck Norris T-Shirt away. Good!
  • Do NOT hide behind the screen of your laptop after the demo.
Chuck Norris T-Shirt

Thank you very much to Kvadrat for sponsoring, @xatazh - the evil mastermind behind SWENUG Linköping - for organizing and everyone that attended and made such an awesome, engaged and collaborative audience.

Finally, this also brings to an end all the commitments for talks and hackathons and… other stuff that I have had for a while and frees some time to go back to building stuff with my company. Wiii!!!